Device Solutions and ReliantHeart Collaborate on 3G Wireless Communication for Ventricular Assist Device

ReliantHeart, Inc., an innovative supplier of advanced mechanical circulatory assist technologies, and Device Solutions, a specialist in wireless technologies, will collaborate on 3G wireless communication for the new Conquest2 Controller that powers ReliantHeart’s HeartAssist5® Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD).

The HeartAssist5’s Controller continuously receives data from the HeartAssist5 (HA5), which can be viewed remotely by the patient’s clinician. The HeartAssistRemote™ Monitoring System reports the status of the HA5 in real time worldwide.  The Controller was originally released with second generation (G2) communication and is being upgraded to a modern third generation 3G telecommunications device.

Over the next several years 2G communication is being phased out by cell phone carriers, and is predicted to be obsolete by 2021. ReliantHeart is getting a head start on migrating to 3G, and it will be offered in the Conquest2 Controller to be introduced near year-end 2015.

phone boardAs 2G networks are scheduled to sunset worldwide, we will be ahead of the trend and our Conquest2 Controller will be in step with modern technology. We are also planning the introduction of TET in 2016 and the Conquest2 will evolve to the Conquest3 and all the parts will be even smaller. We have all seen this trend in cell phones. We think of a cell phone as phone and it is really a radio. The tiny new 3G chip is very small yet very powerful,” said Bryan Lynch, CTO of ReliantHeart.

According to Bob Witter, Device Solutions CEO, “We were excited to have been selected as the wireless expert for the previous generation ReliantHeart LVAD, and Device Solutions could not be more proud that ReliantHeart has put their trust in us once again.  With a long history in wireless, we are well poised to assist all who are facing an inevitable migration to 3G.  Having the opportunity to assist with the cutting edge technologies like the Conquest2 Controller is what keeps our blood pumping!”

While implementing the 3G Conquest2, Device Solutions will collaborate with ReliantHeart engineers on developing a wireless Transcutaneous Energy Transfer system (TET) for the HeartAssist5.  With no wires exiting the body, the chance of infection is reduced for the patient, and an internal battery will provide power to the patient for as much as four hours without recharging.  In its new configuration, the HA5 will be extremely energy efficient, drawing less than half of the energy of any other full flow LVADs.   This forward compatibility allows ReliantHeart to produce a truly modern solution to improving LVAD patient outcomes worldwide. 

RH logoReliantHeart, Inc. is an innovative supplier of advanced mechanical circulatory assist technologies that are changing the approach to the treatment of advanced heart failure.  It develops and manufactures the HeartAssist5® Ventricular Assist Device.  ReliantHeart’s roots are in Houston, Texas, where it has been generously influenced by the transplant centers of Texas Heart, Methodist DeBakey and Memorial Hermann, and its technology originally inspired by NASA, the Johnson Space Center and Baylor School of Medicine.

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