Board of Directors

Rodger G. Ford, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Ford is CEO,  and Co-Founder of ReliantHeart. He is also the Chairman of our Board of Directors (and a member of our Scientific Advisory Board).  Mr. Ford served as a director of MMC from July 2008 to July 2011, and was Chairman of the Board of MMC from January to May 2011. Mr. Ford served as CEO of MMC from May to July 2011, where he oversaw the business systems and development of the company’s remote monitoring technology. Prior to his positions with ReliantHeart and MMC, he served as CEO and President of SynCardia from May 2005 through May 2011, and served on SynCardia’s board of directors from December of 2003 to January 2012. During his tenure as CEO of SynCardia, Mr. Ford guided and directed the development of two new driver systems for powering SynCardia’s Total Artificial Heart. At SynCardia, Mr. Ford helped raise capital to fund product launches, installed modern and effective business systems and recruited an experienced management team. He is also the co-founder and President of Anthem Equity Group, Inc., a Tucson real estate and business development company formed in 1990. Mr. Ford was Quick Printing Man of the Year in 1985, Arizona SBA Entrepreneur of the Year in 1986 (AlphaGraphics), a Lifetime Achievement recipient from the Arizona Printers Association in 1994,  and an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2000 (PETsHOTEL). Mr. Ford has served as a director of Great Western Bank (Arizona) from 1976 to 1982 and CitiBank of Arizona from 1982 to 1987. He served on the Apple Advisory Board from 1984 to 1990 and the Lotus Advisory Board from 1986 to 1989. Mr. Ford earned a B.S. degree in Accounting from Brigham Young University in 1965 and an MBA, with an emphasis in Finance, from the University of Arizona in 1967.

Michael E. Gerber

Mr. Gerber has served as a director of ReliantHeart since October 2013. He is the founder of Chief Dreamer Enterprises and has served as its Chairman since April 2007. Chief Dreamer Enterprises operates The Dreaming Room, a business coaching program that has helped thousands of business owners successfully transform their businesses into world-class operations. Mr. Gerber is also the founder and Chairman of Michael E. Gerber Companies. Mr. Gerber has authored 21 books on entrepreneurship, including most recently “The E-Myth: Real Estate Investor” and is the best-selling author of “The E-Myth Revisited: Awakening the Entrepreneur Within.”


Dennis L. Winans, CPA

Mr. Winans has served as a director of ReliantHeart since February 2014 and previously was the sole director of MMT from May to October 2013.  Since November 2014, Mr. Winans has served as the Chief Financial Officer of The Schomac Group Inc., a real estate development, management, financing, and investment company, and was previously employed as its Chief Investment Officer, President, and CEO. From October 2010 to March 2013, Mr. Winans was employed as a mortgage banker by the Heritage Advisory Corporation. In 2010, he formed a public accounting practice through which he continued to serve as an advisor to The Schomac Group as well as providing advisory, director-trustee support, and accounting/tax related services to his clients. Mr. Winans graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from the University of Arizona in December 1982. He is a certified public accountant licensed to practice in the state of Arizona.

S. Russel Craig

Mr. Craig has both substantial line management and consulting experience. Currently, he is the Executive Vice President of Strategic Relationships and Operations, and a member of the Board of Spectral Platforms.  Mr. Craig was a co-founder of both ImThera Medical, Inc. and, and previously was a Managing Director at both Vericours, Inc. and KPMG Consulting.  As a Director of Chipsoft, a $12 million software company, he assisted in the due diligence process of the company’s acquisition, and completed a very successful IPO.

Michael Ward

Mr. Ward has been an innovator and thought leader in the healthcare industry for more than 28 years, helping to define best practice, work flow optimization, product enhancements, supply chain software systems, sales leadership and ground up medical device development. Mr. Ward was the founder of Wren Medical Systems, and is currently the President of Mainbridge Health Partners and the director of Relia-Source, an innovative Group Purchasing Organization with a focus on technology. Mr. Ward was the architect of industry leading software systems including the One-Med System, the One-Track Asset Management System and the new Relia-Source supply chain portal.