The new intraventricular aVAD™

 A new intraventricular heart pump has made its debut.aVAD LOGO

aVAD heart image2Small outside at 2.48 centimeters in diameter and BIG inside with a 1.2 centimeter diameter flow tube. Deep linear channels transport blood safely through the pump away from the dangerous forces of radial shear. And the FastConnect system provides for adjustable pump depth inside the ventricle.

A modern approach to power management has produced generous start and running torque at 30% of the power consumption of other VADs. Batteries are smaller and last longer.

The intraventricular implant of the aVAD™ may facilitate a less invasive surgical technique.

The modern technology of TrueFlow measurement and 24/7 remote monitoring of TrueFlow, Speed and Power provide a sentinel system for early alert. For example TrueFlow and the Amplitude of TrueFlow can provide early warning of patterns of dehydration or atrial fibrillation.

Remote monitoring thrives on a modern world wide 3G Communication system carried seamlessly over 450 networks. Remote monitoring is in real time, all the time from anywhere.

Our strategy of forward compatibility is designed to leave no patient behind.

Caution: The aVAD™ is currently under regulatory review and not approved for investigational or commercial use in the United States.