E-Learning Videos for Medical Professionals – English

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Adjustable Pump Depth

Describes how to adjust the pump depth within the ventricle.

Anticoagulation Guidelines

Describes ReliantHeart’s anticoagulation recommendations.

aVAD™ Pre-op Testing & Assembly

Describes instructions for testing & assembly for the aVAD™.

aVAD™ System Overview

Describes features of the aVAD™ System.

Battery Charger

Describes how to use the battery charger.

Cell Phone Antenna

Describes how to turn on and off the cell phone antenna on the controller.


Describes how to use the connectors on your accessories.

Controller Exchange

Describes how to change out the controller for a new one.

Controller Screen

How to better understand the controller displays.

Diagnostic Alarms

Describes what diagnostic alarms may occur and what they mean.

Driveline Care

How a patient can properly care for his or her driveline.

Emergency Alarms

Describes what emergency and fail safe alarms that may occur and what they mean.

Equipment Needed for Home

Describes the necessary accessories a patient will need for home.

FastConnect Surgical System

How to use the FastConnect and True Core to properly implant the aVAD™.

Half-life of Training

The E-Learning modules will help patients remember the training learned in the hospital.

HeartAttendant – DATA Screen

Describes how to use the Data screen on the HeartAttendant.

HeartAttendant – HOLTER Screen

Describes how to use the Holter screen on the HeartAttendant.

HeartAttendant – PATIENT Screen

Describes how to use the Patient screen on the HeartAttendant.

HeartAttendant – PUMP Screen

Describes how to use the Pump screen on the HeartAttendant.

HeartAttendant – SETUP Screen

Describes how to use the Setup screen on the HeartAttendant.

LVAD Battery

Describes the battery and how it provides power to the LVAD.

Segmented Graft Protector

Describes steps for adjusting the length of the graft protector.

Shower Bag

How to safely set up the shower bag.

SIM Card

What the controller SIM card does and how to exchange it.

Speed Optimization

Discusses the theory behind speed optimization and a case example.

Surgical Tool Set

What comes in the Surgical Tool Set and how it is sterilized and assembled.

VADLink – Alarm Waveforms

Describes an alarm waveform and how it is triggered.

VADLink – Controller Dashboard

Describes the controller dashboard in VADLink.

VADLink – Requested Waveform

Describes a waveform and how one can be requested for specific patients.

VADLink – Text Message Alerts

How to set up text message alerts in VADLink.

VADPAK Organization

How to organize patient accessories with the VADPAK and VADPAK insert.