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Automobile Power Supply

The APS is designed to power the VAD on the go, using DC current available from an automobile, airplane, boat or train. Includes cable.

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1 Automobile Power Supply APS001


Rechargable Li-ion batteries may be ordered in quantities of 1, 4, and 8.

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1 Li-ion Battery LBK001
1 Li-ion Batteries - 4 LBK004
1 Li-ion Batteries - 8 LBK008

Battery Charger

The Conquest Controller Battery Charger charges and reconditions the system batteries. Includes cord.

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1 Battery Charger BCR001

Battery Pocket

Connects batteries and all external power sources to the Controller.

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1 Battery Pocket BTP001

Cable Sleeve

The cable sleeve is designed to help manage the driveline cables. The sleeve is available in black or grey.

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1 Cable Sleeve - black CSB001
1 Cable Sleeve - grey CSG001

Power Cord

10 ft. Power Cord for HeartAttendant and Battery Charger.

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1 Power Cord - U.S. - 10 ft. PCU010

Power Cord – Continental Europe – 10 ft.

10 ft. Power Cord for HeartAttendant and Battery Charger.

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1 Power Cable, Continental Europe, 10 ft. PCE010

Independent Power Supply

Provides mains (AC) electricity to the Controller. (Need 10 ft. power cord with Independent Power Supply).

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1 Independent Power Supply IPS001

Patient Manual

Select the manual in the language of your choice.

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1 Patient Manual - English PTM001
1 Patient Manual - French PTM002
1 Patient Manual - German PTM003
1 Patient Manual - Italian PTM004

Shower Kit

Helps protect Controller and Batteries from water.

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1 Shower Kit SHW001

SIM Card

Included with the HeartAssist5 Implant Kit. Replacement only in the event that the original SIM card is damaged.

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1 SIM Card (non-sterile) SIM001


A reinforced fabric organizer for the Controller, battery pockets, batteries and associated cables. (Bag sold separately).

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1 VADPAK Insert VPI001

VADPAK, Bag only

Carries the VADPAK Insert, which contains the Controller and two battery pockets with batteries inserted. (Insert sold separately)

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