FlowAccurate™ Diagnostics

newFLOWPROBEcallouts-200px2The HeartAssist takes the guesswork out of patient care management. This Next Generation LVAD is the only device with direct flow measurement that precisely monitors blood flow and related data. This information is useful when a patient is stable, but can prove vital if a patient is experiencing complications. Other LVADs rely on estimates by their software or provide no flow data at all, which can leave a clinician flying blind when this information is needed the most.

The exclusive HeartAssist5® Flow Probe is the best tool to observe interaction between the HeartAssist5® and the ventricle. Unlike the estimated flow measurement used by other VADs, HeartAssist5® flow measurement is unaffected by changes in blood or fibrin deposition.

The implantable ultrasonic flow probe has been proven highly accurate at consistently measuring real-time blood flow. It is correctly positioned on the outflow graft to measure blood pumped from the HeartAssist5® as it moves into the aorta.

In addition to flow data, the HeartAssist tracks speed and electrical current usage by the pump motor, providing valuable information both about the volume of blood flow and its fluidity. Changes to this data can clearly indicate problems ranging from minor dehydration to more significant events and alert technicians as to early intervention.

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