HeartAssistRemote™ Monitoring

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                  With the HeartAssistRemote™ Monitoring System, HeartAssist5® patients feel more secure about their heart health while enjoying life at home or traveling. The HeartAssist Conquest Controller continuously receives data from the HeartAssist5®. The data is transmitted in bursts to a controlled and secure data center. This data can be viewed remotely – helping to avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital. In cases of concern, HeartAssistRemote™ Monitoring provides a head start, allowing for proactive response and possibly better results for the patient. Effective deployment of this exclusive feature should result in better use of the caregiver’s time and the healthcare system’s resources.

Remote Monitoring is a patient life saver and a hospital cost saver.


Benefits Include:

  • Improves Clinical Efficiency
  • Enables Earlier Patient Intervention
  • Enhances Patient Convenience
  • Leverages Limited Staff and Health Care Resources

Patient Privacy: A unique name and password protects patient privacy and allows the patient’s designated healthcare provider to access this data from their computer or wireless device, including iPhone, Android and Blackberry Platforms.

The HeartAttendant® is the all-in-one Portable in Hospital Console for the HeartAssist5®

  • Shows real time blood flow data
  • Transmits blood flow and related data via secure wireless Internet for remote home monitoring via computers, or smartphones
  • 21cm diagonal color touch screen display
  • Sturdy all-in-one portable console

The Conquest Controller® provides transmission of real time remote HeartAssist5® data when discharged from the hospital

  • It’s small – just put it in your pocket.
  • Transmits blood flow and related data via a secure wireless internet connection for remote monitoring via computers, iPad or smartphones
  • Just like your cell phone the Conquest Controller is constantly in contact if the Conquest Controller is range of a cell tower. Over 480 carriers are joined to provide the world wide data network that carries the Conquest Controller data to the HeartAssist5® patient data base.

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