Implants Above the Diaphragm


With its small size, the HeartAssist’s is designed to be implanted beside the heart, and unlike many LVADs today, implants above the diaphragm. There is usually no need to create a surgical pocket for the HeartAssist5®. Surgical implantation is safer, less complicated and recovery time may be reduced.

An LVAD implanted in the abdomen can cause additional complications. Patients may feel prematurely full when they eat because an implant below the diaphragm can cause pressure on the stomach.

An LVAD placed in the abdomen has a significantly longer blood path along non-human surfaces. The HeartAssist‘s smaller size can help to avoid many of the complications which may contribute to blood sheer caused by non-human surface contact, and by the stresses caused by cavitation as the blood flows through a larger device.


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