Smallest Size and Weight

The HeartAssist5® is the smallest and lightest of any full flow LVAD

Cropped Pyramid


The pump weighs only 92 grams, and is nearly silent.

The new HeartAssist VAD supports extra large adults to pediatric patients as small as 18 kg. It provides smooth, gentle blood flow from 2-10 L/min. For weaning patients whose own hearts are recovering, the HeartAssist provides precise blood flow as low as 2 L/min.

The HeartAssist’s small size is also one of the features that led to FDA approval as a Humanitarian Device Exemption (HDE) for use in pediatric patients in the United States. This indication is also CE Mark Approved for Europe. The HeartAssist5® can be implanted in children as young as four to six years old with a body surface area of 0.7m2 or larger.



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